Lielformāta narcises izrotāja Rēzeknes pilsētu Mamiņdienas svētkos

Lielie ziedi vides noformējumam, lielie ziedi no foamirāna

Lielformāta ziedi “Narcises” – pavasara simbols ziedu valstībā.

Pavasarīgie lielformāta ziedi, kas iepriecina teju katra sirdi un uzlabo noskaņojumu, pazīstami jau izsenis. Valda uzskats, ka narcises simbolizē cerības, mieru un draudzību.

Milzīgs prieks bija radīt lielformāta ziedu kompozīciju no narcisēm priekš Rēzeknes pilsētas noformējuma Māmiņdienas svētkos.

Beauty contest "Miss and Mister Balvi"



Lamur flowers The story began in 2017, when for the first time in Balvi, an offer was made Beauty contest "Miss and Mister Balvi" create a talent show where the main object would be three fantastic large format flower arrangements. That's how it all started! That year, Elena Golovneva (as you may have realized, she is also the creator of the brand) performs on the stage with spectacular decorations on the stage, but it did not end there. The event was very beautiful!

At this moment “Lamur flowers” create large format flower decorations from a variety of innovative materials, wings costumes for adults and children, as well as interior items: 3D floral wall decor.We are happy and most happy to send products to different parts of the world and build long-term, successful cooperation with partners. We are fascinated by the bustle of people and the creative atmosphere, and therefore periodically we organize master classes about the art of making large-format flowers and their magic. 

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