Nedaudz burvestības dzīvē...


How many unusual things, objects, events have people experienced in their lives? Do you remember anyone? Maybe one or two come to mind, right?

Then again, the Lamur flowers team faces this "spell" every working day! We are pleasantly surprised by the creativity, imagination, and desire of our customers. Whenever possible, we always start - yes to new projects and unusual ideas.

What we do

Large format flower decorations

Everything can be done in our decorating studio: wedding flower arch, flower wall, ceiling decoration in various flower sizes and types.

Wings costume

We take care of the excellent image of our customers at events, photo sessions, celebrations, offering wings costumes of different sizes and colors. 

Video tutorials

We will show, tell and teach the art of making large-format flowers. The main thing that is needed is the desire to do. Available only in Latvian.

Individual approach and unusual performance!

We work internationally and the delivery of decorations is possible all over the world.

About the author and the studio


"Lamur flowers" is my dream!

Hello! My name is Jelena, I do a very interesting job. My main work tool is scissors, with their help I can create indescribably fabulous large-format flowers that can "grow" up to the ceiling. 😉 My biggest realization at the moment is that you don't have to look for beautiful life "somewhere", life is beautiful in the "root".You just have to see it and understand that it is good here at home. With this knowledge, the decoration studio “Lamur flowers” was created in the small town of Balvi, from the windows of which we can observe a charming natural landscape and realize customer projects. A place where new stories are started, charming and creative people are met. I make my own life beautiful! Creating and doing! I create beautiful flowers with my own hands, fulfill the dreams of others in life and, willingly, share my knowledge with others.


Founder of the Lamur flowers 

Large format flowers

“WOW": tas ir efekts, ko mēģinam panākt klientu acīs!

Many have not even imagined that they can create flowers that are 50 times larger than they are in reality. The large-format floral design suits the design of walls, ceilings, and showcases and is long-lasting, easy to care for, and glamorously complements the interior.

Large-format flowers are produced and ordered individually with each client. 

We will be happy to do an incredible job to achieve the most beautiful result: storefronts can be decorated with a variety of seasonal themes: autumn leaves or sunflowers, eternally beautiful peonies, or dandelion fluff.


We run and organize creative classes, where anyone can learn the art of making large-format flowers. We are happy to participate in events with off-site master classes, stories and shows how to create beautiful flowers, all the nuances of fasteners and applications.

Contact us

Feel free to write all your questions in the letter. We will provide a detailed answer as soon as possible. 


We are happy to welcome guests to the workshop. Located on the second floor, entrance from the yard.

Working time

Monday - Friday 9:00 - 17:00

Saturday - Sunday Free


Address: Vidzemes Street 2B, Balvi, Latvia, LV-4501

Phone number: +371 28335192